MADAME GOOGOO baby carriers are suitable for children from about 4 months old, throughout toddlerhood, and up to preschool age. Below we present some basic rules of safety for using our products.


1. Shoulder straps and/or webbing are not twisted.
2. All buckles have been fastened securely and that you heard the characteristic “click” sound.
3. The long straps and waist band in Mei Tai or Hybrid carriers are tied in a solid knot and not just a pretty bow!


4. Regularly check the fabric and the stitching on the carrier to make sure that it’s in perfect condition.
5. Please make sure that the size of the body panel of your carrier is suitable to your baby’s bum-to-ear measurement and age (you will find information on how to measure your child and other tips in the SIZING section).
6. If you’re planning to use the carrier for the first time, please ask a family member or a friend to help you. You may also practice putting on the carrier while sitting on the couch or other place close to the ground so that your baby is safe!
7. Never wear baby in the front outward position!
8. When worn, please make sure that your child’s airways have a steady flow of air; the best way to ensure that is to wear your baby high enough on your body so that you can easily monitor their breathing and be certain that their chin is not pressed to the chest.
9. While breastfeeding, sit down and loosen the shoulder straps a little so that your baby is lower in the body panel. This will ensure comfort and intimacy. Once you finish, tighten the straps back so that your baby is the correct upright position.
10. If you have health problems and are unsure if you and your baby can use the carrier, please consult your doctor.
11. While wearing your child, please refrain from cooking, drinking hot beverages or playing land and water sports.
12. While driving, please use a special car seat and not the carrier.
13. Don’t drink alcohol or take strong medication while carrying your baby.

Dear Parents, we ask you to be reasonable while carrying your most precious treasure! All MADAME GOOGOO carriers have been designed with the utmost care for your child’s safety. However, we do not take responsibility for any accidents caused by non-compliance with the safe and proper use of our baby carriers. As a parent, all you need to do is to be responsible and enjoy being close to your baby!

If you have any questions, please email us at: info@madamegoogoo.com